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Professional advisement and coaching targeted to your specific needs via phone, in-person and/or video conference.


Topics can include, but are not limited to: 

  • Career direction, discovery and/or transition

  • Resume - How to strengthen and tailor it to every position


  • Cover Letter - How to prepare a cover letter like you’ve never seen; one that has gotten people interviews by itself! (Includes one cover letter sample and template)



  • Messaging, follow-up and thank you letters




Even if you have the best network, resume, and cover letter in the world, none of that matters unless you can interview! You get:

  • Professional coaching via phone, in-person or video conference

  • How to be prepared for any type of interview, whether it be via phone, in-person or video conference

  • Includes mock interviews and many behavioral, individual and panel interview techniques and questions to completely prepare you

  • Increase your self-confidence

  • The ability to answer any type of interview question

  • How to feel much more “at ease” and learning the right questions to ask

  • How to build rapport with the interviewer and possibly gain them as an “advocate” for you

  • How to be comfortable with answering questions about former employers that you would much rather forget about  

  • How to “shift” the spotlight to your skills, rather than a date, gap or past employer

  • The most effective ways of how and when to follow up

  • The art and “trick” of the thank you letter




Designed for current LinkedIn users who would like to learn more skills and refine their existing skills.  
Includes professional coaching via phone, in-person or video conference.


  • Learn how to craft a LinkedIn profile that complements your resume, highlights your skills and qualifications, is highly searchable and creates an online presence that will get you noticed

  • Messaging techniques that will enable you to connect with key people that don’t know you! 

  • How to utilize LinkedIn to rapidly increase your connections and build a network that can help you get your “foot in the door”

  • Find new opportunities by using advanced search techniques to find companies, people and groups to help you.

  • Learn how to effectively market yourself and/or your company

  • Research & due diligence on target companies and possible hiring managers



Interview Coaching

**If purchasing a Resume Writing package, all coaching is discounted**

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